Trucking Insurance

When you’re driving a truck for a living, it’s crucial that you have the right kind of coverage in place. It’s not just about adhering to state regulations for standard vehicles. You need commercial trucking insurance in New Jersey, New York and Florida. With our help at MSM Insurance Agency Inc. in Kearny, NJ, we can guide you through the coverage levels.

Why is trucking insurance required?

You must adhere to all of the insurance laws of the state. This includes having sufficient liability coverage when you’re on the roads. However, when you’re in a large truck, you might be hauling passengers, cargo, or even hazardous materials. As such, you fall into the commercial category.

Trucking insurance is a form of commercial insurance so that it protects not only you and your truck but also anything that you’re choosing to carry. It can ensure that you’re able to recover from an accident financially without having to bankrupt your company in the process.

How to Shop for Trucking Insurance

There are quite a few things you need to consider when you buy trucking insurance. With the help of our insurance agents, we can ask questions and learn more about what it is that you’re hauling. This way, we can make recommendations on coverage.

Some of the things to consider include:

  • State requirements
  • Value of what you’re hauling
  • The type of industry you’re involved in
  • Your driving record

Where you drive, risks involved with what you’re driving, and more will be taken into consideration when calculating premium costs. This way, you get the trucking insurance that you depend on without spending any more than what is absolutely necessary.

Call to speak to one of our agents about trucking insurance in New Jersey, New York and Florida today. At MSM Insurance Agency Inc. in Kearny, NJ, we have the knowledge to answer your questions and guide you toward coverage you can count on.

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